Galactic Contract Rulebook


+ How do Storage Upgrade cards work?

After purchasing a Storage Upgrade card, place it near your ship card in front of you. You can think of this card as a second ship that is permanently on the planet named on the card with a capacity of 2.

This means that when you aren't on the planet that your Storage Upgrade card names, you can collect the Resources producted by that planet during the Collect Phase of your turn in addition to collecting the Resources produced by the planet your ship is on. There are some stipulations though:

  • You don't collect double Resources if your Ship is on the same Planet as your Storage Upgrade, however, you can collect the Resources into either your Ship or your Storage Upgrade. Make sure to keep those Resources separate, because you can't take them with you in your Ship when your Ship leaves
  • You cannot use Resources stored in your Storage Upgrade to fulfill a Shipment. To use those Resources, you must go to the same Planet as your Storage Upgrade, move the Resources from you Storage Upgrade into your Ship during the Interact Phase of your turn, then on your next turn you move your Ship to the GCC as if fulfilling any other Shipment.
  • You may use resources stored in your Storage Upgrade card to fulfill Trades as long as your Ship is on the same Planet as listed on your Storage Upgrade card. Your Storage Upgrade card basically gives you 2 extra Capacity on that Planet, so use it wisely!

+ Can I play with just 1 other Captain?

While we were making and balancing the game, we focused on the 4 player version. If you have thoughts or suggestions on house rules for 2 players, let us know! We'd love to publish a 2 player ruleset on our site someday.

+ If the Captain who was chosen to go first fulfills a Shipment or Trade that meets the endgame criteria, does play continue for the rest of the round?

According to the rules: no. Play ends immediately when the last Trade is fulfilled or when 2 of the 3 Shipment card piles are gone.

We spent a lot of time playtesting and balancing this game. 22 Months of active work on balance and playtesting Galactic Contract helped us make this decision, but as gamers ourselves, we understand how it can feel not having as many turns as other players.

That being said- If you want to play the round out so that everyone has played the same amount of turns as a house rule, it is best decided before play begins.

Rulebook Text

Your Mission

Captains! The Galactic Construction Company (GCC) welcomes you to compete for our coveted Galactic Contract! Each of you has been outfitted with a ship from our fleet and is now expected to fulfill shipments to the GCC. Upgrade your ship and trade with planets to gain advantages; complete shipments to allow us to construct improvements to this system of planets. You will be awarded according to how well you handle these tasks.

Now get to your ships!

Object of the Game

Galactic Contract is about resource management. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible by collecting resources and allocating them strategically around the solar system. You gain points by purchasing upgrades, trading with planets, and fulfilling orders at the Galactic Construction Company.

How to Win

The winner of Galactic Contract is the Captain who gains the most points through Shipments, Trades, and Upgrades at the end of the game. In the event of a tie, both players share victory.

The game ends when either:

  • 2 of the 3 Shipment card piles is fulfilled (see Game Setup, step #2)
  • A Trade is fulfilled and there are no Trade cards left in the Trade Deck to replace it.


  • 4 Wooden Ship Tokens
  • 1 GCC Card
  • 8 Planet Cards
  • 16 Upgrade Cards
  • 4 Ship Cards
  • 36 Trade Cards
  • 12 Shipment Cards
  • 10 Construction Cards
  • 71 Resource cards (18 Metal, Food, and Crystal. 17 Fuel)
  • 4 Cheatsheets


  1. Place the Galactic Construction Company (GCC) card in the middle of the play area.
  2. Shuffle the Shipment cards and place the cards face down in 3 piles of 4 next to the GCC; reveal the top card of each pile.
  3. Shuffle the Planet cards and place 6 planets face up in a circle around the GCC. If the 6 planets only produce 3 types of resources, add a 7th planet to the circle.
  4. Shuffle the Trade cards and place 1 to the left of each planet. Place the remaining Trade cards face down near the playing area as the “Trade Deck”.
  5. Shuffle and place the Construction cards face down near the playing area as the “Construction Deck”.
  6. Place the 4 types of Resource cards in separate piles near the playing area.
  7. Recommended: place the Upgrade cards face up in a grid near the playing area.
  8. Each Captain: select a Ship and matching Ship Token; place your Ship in front of you and your Ship Token on the GCC. 
  9. Decide who will take the first turn and launch!

Your turn has three phases which must be completed in succession:

1. Move

The distance between a planet and an adjacent planet is a distance of 1 “unit”, requiring 1 “speed” to traverse. Your Ship’s speed is indicated on your Ship card and applicable Upgrade cards you have purchased.

The GCC is central to the system and is 1 unit from each planet; however, moving to the GCC immediately ends your movement phase.

You may discard fuel cards to gain a boost of 1 speed per fuel discarded; this boost only lasts on the turn fuel is discarded.

If you fulfill a Trade or interact with a Planet Storage, your movement phase immediately ends.

2. Interact

You may fulfill as many Shipments or Trades as you can afford on your turn, but you may not move after fulfilling your first Shipment or Trade.

To Fulfill a Shipment
  1. Move to the GCC
  2. Discard the Resource cards indicated on the Shipment card
  3. Keep the Shipment card for end-of-game scoring
  4. Reveal the next Shipment card in the pile
  5. Draw a card from the Construction Deck and follow instructions
To Fulfill a Trade
  1. Move to a Planet
  2. Discard the Resource cards indicated on the top of the Trade card to the left of the Planet
  3. Receive the Resource cards indicated on the bottom of the Trade card; gain one extra Resource card of the same type for each “Freight Depot” at the Planet.
  4. If your ship is over Capacity, immediately discard Resource cards until Capacity is met. Your Ship’s Capacity is the number of Resource cards it may hold and is indicated on your Ship card and applicable Upgrade cards you have purchased.
  5. Keep the Trade card for end-of-game scoring
  6. Reveal a new Trade card from the Trade Deck and place next to the planet.
To Interact with Storage Upgrade Cards:

Storage Upgrade Cards are the Upgrade cards named after each Planet (e.g. "Suadi Storage"); these do not affect your Ship's Capacity.

If you are on the same Planet named on your Storage Upgrade, you may freely add or subtract Resource cards between Storage Upgrade cards and your Ship.

3. Collect

If your Ship is at a Planet, collect the Resource cards indicated on the Planet card and any attached Construction cards.

For each Storage Upgrade card you have purchased: if your Ship is on a Planet not named on your Storage Upgrade card, you may collect Resource cards indicated on the Planet named on your Storage Upgrade card (and any attached Construction cards) and place them on that Storage Upgrade. You cannot collect Resource cards that will put your Storage Upgrade over Capacity. You cannot discard Resource cards from your Storage Upgrade, but you can choose to not collect any or all Resource cards.

At any time during the Move and Interact phases of your turn, you may:

  • Purchase Upgrade cards by discarding the Resource cards indicated on the bottom of the Upgrade you wish you purchase. You may purchase a number of Upgrades less than or equal to your Ships “Max Upgrades”, which is indicated on your Ship card. Note: Upgrades affecting Speed or Capacity only affect your Ship (e.g. Planet Storage Capacity is not affected by Upgrades).
  • Discard 3 matching Resource cards for 1 Resource card of your choice (limited to once per turn).
  • Discard any Resource cards from your Ship’s cargo.

Once your turn is completed, notify the Captain to your left that they may begin their turn.